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Denmark becomes a signatory to the Joint Statement on Syria

09.09.2013  17:30
At the G20 meeting in Sankt Petersburg, the US and a number of other G20 member states released a joint statement condemning the chemical attack in Syria and calling for a strong international reaction. Minister for Foreign Affairs, Villy Søvndal, today informed the American ambassador in Denmark, Rufus Gifford, that Denmark will join the US in signing the Joint Statement.

Minister for Foreign Affairs Villy Søvndal states:

“The Government has decided to become a signatory to the statement, which the US and 10 other countries released at last week’s G20 meeting. Germany and Lithuania joined shortly afterwards, and more are expected to follow. The statement is clearly in line with the Danish position. The stronger the international agreement is on solving this terrible and deadlocked situation in Syria the better.

It is very positive that a common international understanding of the way ahead is taking shape. The EU member states support a strong international reaction. A number of countries wish to allow for the UN fact finding mission to present its results as soon as possible. We expect the report to be released within this week.

Denmark has already expressed political support to a limited and proportionate military action on multiple occasions. I’ve spoken to Secretary John Kerry and Deputy Secretary William Burns last week. In addition, the EU foreign affairs ministers had a long and in depth discussion with Kerry at Gymnich. And the Prime Minister has spoken to President Obama in Stockholm together with her Nordic colleagues. Today, I have told Ambassador Gifford that Denmark will join in signing the statement. It is important that we get the biggest possible international backing for the way ahead, and Denmark would like to join these efforts.“