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"After Polls, Eyes on Kenya's Future"

17.04.2013  14:14
IMF disburses $100 million to the Central Bank of Kenya as positive post-election scenarios encourage new foreign investments. Danish companies should take note, says Ambassador.

"The stage is set to unleash Kenya’s growth potential" writes Ragnar Gudmundsson of the International Monetary Fund in the Business Daily Kenya article "After Polls, Eyes on Kenya's Future" on April 17th.

IMF’s decision to bolster Kenya’s foreign exchange reserves comes in the wake of peaceful elections and positive economic indicators for 2013. “The successful political transition now offers the opportunity for a decisive breakthrough on the road towards becoming an emerging market economy,” writes Mr. Gudmundsson.

The Central Bank has responded well to the shocks of 2011, including high international commodity prices because of regional droughts, and a spike in inflation. Inflation has been brought under control and increased private sector lending is spurring economic activity.

Sound economic policies lay the foundation for a growing economy,” says Geert Aagaard Andersen, Danish Ambassador to Kenya. “The political system is working to increase foreign investment and Kenya is becoming essential to any market entry strategy in Africa. We are glad to see more and more Danish companies picking up on this trend.”


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