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The government is ready with a large Danish contribution to the fight against ISIL

26.09.2014  17:01

Today the government presents a large Danish contribution to the international effort against ISIL. It happens after a request from the United States.

The contribution includes a series of diplomatic, civilian and military efforts, including F16 fighter aircrafts, staff support and contributions to capacity building of Iraqi and Kurdish security forces. At the same time, Denmark will strengthen its long-term development- and stabilization efforts in the region.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Martin Lidegaard says:

”I am very happy that Denmark is making a solid contribution to the fight against ISIL and for the broad support given by the parties in the Danish Parliament (Folketinget) to this further contribution. It is important for me, that we act as part of a large coalition and with a wide range of efforts. We are now contributing with  F16-fighter aircrafts, staff support and training – but we’re also using our diplomatic, civilian and humanitarian instruments.“

Minister of Defence Nicolai Wammen says:

“The government has supported the American-led effort against ISIL from the beginning. We are sending contributions which are both important and that have been requested in the fight against ISIL. We are already contributing with a military transportation aircraft and significant humanitarian aid, for example through the Danish Emergency Management Agency, and it is natural that we now further engage in the international effort. Our F-16 fighter aircrafts will be able to make an important difference as we also saw in for example Libya. “

Minister for Development and Trade Mogens Jensen says:

“There is need for international development cooperation to create a sustainable peace and development in Iraq and Syria. Denmark plays a very important role in this regard. We are solidary with the suffering population and have set aside 75 million kroner for Iraq and 100 million kroner for Syria for health, education, water and electricity in the areas that are being controlled by the moderate opposition. With this effort we are able to contribute to fight radicalization, cross border terrorism and increasing amounts of refugees. We can give the young people in these countries an alternative to terrorist organizations like ISIL and al-Qaeda. “ 

Press contact Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Lars Peter Levy, +45 4190 4124

Press contact Ministry of Defence: +45 2323 6500