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Water exhibition in Kenya in October: Invitation to companies

13.08.2013  11:53

The event represents a unique opportunity to get to know the (East) African markets, establish client leads and connect with the right people in the water sector.

We hope to have a delegation of Danish companies present, representing the entire value chain, and are working to combine congress/exhibition activities with B2B-meetings and site visits according to the individual needs of the companies. This platform will promote Danish technology and facilitate contacts and leads.

The overarching goal of IWA’s Development Congress series is to identify, showcase and debate practical examples of service provision in developing countries that ‘work’, and critically, ‘work at large scale’. The Congress is therefore explicitly solutions focused, rather than diagnosing the challenges and problems in the sector, which are already well documented.

Within this framework, the themes and topics of the Congress are relevant to the arena in which most progress in terms of coverage and implementation solutions must be made: urban service provision in low and middle income countries. The overarching theme for the 2013 Development Congress and Exhibition is Catalysing Urban Water Transitions.

An interesting sub theme for Danish participants will be Optimizing Service Delivery for Universal Access, including:

      Alternative and innovative water supply technologies in developing countries

      Operation and maintenance practices

      Small town services delivery and management

      Financing water supply infrastructure and services

      Governance models

      Asset management

      Other issues related delivering universal access to water and wastewater services

We look forward to your feedback about participation in the Congress. Sign up before September 1, 2013

See invitation PDF for more info and please contact the Trade Council Nairobi for more information.


Carol Olale
Commercial Advisor, Trade Council
Mobile: +254 700 418 407

Oliver Sellner Vonsild
Commercial Advisor, Trade Council
Mobile: +254 708 987 815