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Kenyans want Democracy

04.03.2013  15:44
They turned up in big numbers determined to have their say in the elections Monday
From early morning Kenyan voters waited patiently in long queues to vote for their candidates to the six elections which are taking place Monday. Some turned up at the polling stations as early as 3 a.m. to make sure they would have a say in the elections.

After some very worrying information about an attack on the police in Kenya’s Coast region early this morning Election Day seems so far to have passed peacefully.  

“The many efforts which have been done by the authorities as well as private organizations and the private sector seem to have borne fruit”, says Danish ambassador to Kenya, Geert Aagaard Andersen, who himself visited six polling station in and around Nairobi.

And people seem to have come out in big numbers. 

“By noon 50 percent had voted and in the afternoon between 60 and 70 percent had voted at some of the polling stations. At Hospital Hill High School in Nairobi the presiding officer suggested that more than 80 percent of the voters will have voted before the end of the day, says Aagaard Andersen.

As one of the voters, who probably had to wait another two hours after already having waited for seven hours, expressed it: ”Voting alone will be a victory”. 

And although the new electronic poll books have not functioned in an optimal way everywhere, alternative traditional ways  of checking voters eligibility for voting on a paper list have meant that all voters with valid id-papers have been able to vote.

Despite the burning sun the peaceful and patient mood at the polling stations meant that pregnant women, elderly and disabled were allowed to vote first and had help to find their way to the right place to vote.  

” The preparations for the elections have been thorough and the physical planning of polling stations have been good. Voters knew what they were supposed to do, and if somebody didn´t know the many election officials were present to help them, says Geert Aagaard Andersen. set text

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