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Large parliamentary majority supports Danish military action against ISIL

02.10.2014  10:21

Today, a large majority in the Danish parliament voted in favor of expanding the Danish contribution to the fight against ISIL in Iraq. The new military contribution is comprised of four F-16 fighter jets and three additional fighter jets in logistical support, supported by up to 140 staff. In addition, Denmark is deploying approximately 20 staff officers together with up to 120 military trainers. The military contribution is part of a comprehensive Danish engagement consisting of a range of diplomatic, civilian and military approaches aimed at combatting ISIL.

Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs Martin Lidegaard states:

“Today, Denmark provides yet another solid contribution to the fight against the brutal terrorist organisation ISIL. We are part of a very broad coalition consisting of approximately 50 other countries, including ten countries from the region. ISIL constitutes an serious security threat against the people in the region, as well as Denmark. Therefore I am happy that there is a large majority in support of our contribution.

For the Danish Government and for me it is essential that our military contribution does not stand alone, but is one element in a coherent and broad strategy to fight ISIL. We must also use our political, diplomatic, and humanitarian tools to achieve our goal.”

Danish Minister of Defense Nicolai Wammen states:

“It is crucial that Denmark takes part in the fight against the terrorist organisation ISIL. I am pleased that a very large parliamentary majority today decided to support the Government’s proposition to provide an additional military contribution to the fight against this horrible terrorist organisation. As always, the Danish Defense is prepared to do the job, and we have some of the best trained soldiers in the world ready to deploy on the shortest possible notice. Today, our F-16 fighter jets will take off followed later by our capacity building staff and the staff manning the coalition headquarters.”

The proposition bill describing the basis for the action against ISIL, the Danish military contribution, the broader Danish strategy, as well as further information can be located at the Parliament website:

For further information, please contact:
Press advisor for the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lars Peter Levy, tel.: +45 4190 4124
Press office at the Ministry of Defense, tel.: +45 2365 6500