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First 3GF National Conference taking place in Kenya

27.06.2014  11:22

The Danish Embassy in Kenya hosted the first ever 3GF national conference in Nairobi. The conference was graced by the presence of the Danish Minister for Environment Kirsten Brosbøl, the Kenyan Principal Secretary for Environment, Water and Natural Resources Dr. Richard  Lesiyempe, the Kenyan Environment Secretary Dr. Alice Kaudia, The CEO of Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), Ms Carole Kariuki and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 3GF secretariat, Deputy Head of Department, Lisbeth Jespersen.


The conference was opened by Ambassador Geert A. Andersen, who gave inspiration to the participants as to why the Global Green Growth Agenda is important to Kenya. Kenya, as the first African partner country in the 3GF, has the responsibility of taking leadership in the continent to ensure responsible use of its resources in its economic development activities. The Ambassador emphasized that donors could only facilitate this process, but the financing of this was on the responsibility of the private sector.


Key note speech by the Kenyan Principal Secretary of Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, encouraged the Kenyan effort to continue developing efforts within the 3FG.


More than 100 experts in water, energy, environment and food attended the first ever 3GF national conference in Kenya, discussing Kenya's position in implementing the four thematic 3GF areas for Kenya:

  1. Water Resource Management - the water-energy nexus
  2. Green off-grid Energy Solutions
  3. Harnessing Innovation to Unlock Financial Flows for Restoration
  4. Partnership and Technology to Transform Food Production

Kenya as a partner country in the Global Green Growth Forum agreed to commit to:

- Develop a sustainable project within the Public Private Partnership concept embracing the four elements of the 3GF tracks.

- Commit to piloting the PPP project in selected areas in Kenya, where the projects will be scaled up to other selected regions in Africa.

- Motivate, mobilize and convene relevant stakeholders to take ownership of the project.

- Monitor and evaluate the progress of the implementation of the PPP projects so that the lessons learnt can be shared in the 3GF global summit in October 20 in Copenhagen and in future 3GF global summits.


As a sign of this commitments, The Danish Embassy, The Kenya Government, KEPSA, Kenya Climate Innovation Centre will sign a letter of intent in the following weeks to come. Ambassador Geert A. Andersen will convene this meeting to ensure that the parties mentioned will sign up to this commitment.


The Danish Minister for Environment, Kirsten Brosbøl, welcomed the efforts of engagement by Kenya towards the 3GF agenda and in particular hosting the first ever 3GF national conference.