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Christian Friis Bach on Egypt: Broad and inclusive dialogue more important now than ever

16.08.2013  09:46

The Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, Mr. Christian Friis Bach, has today announced a temporary freeze of two bilateral engagements with Egypt, which involve governmental partners in light of recent worrying event in Egypt.

Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, Mr. Christian Friis Bach states: 

“The steps we have taken today are a reflection of our deep concern over recent events in Egypt. We have decided for the time being to freeze two specific projects, which amount to approximately half of our bilateral development engagement with Egypt under the Danish Arab Partnership Programme (DAPP).

We are not putting an end to our development collaboration. Egypt, with its rich and proud history, is and remains a vital partner for Denmark.
We are siding with democracy and peaceful dialogue as we continue our collaboration with a wide number of civil society partners, who work to promote reform and democratization in Egypt. This includes partners promoting human rights, women’s participation, free media and intercultural dialogue among other things. Their work is perhaps more important today than ever before.

We also continue our collaboration and dialogue through the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI). Continuing a broad, inclusive and critical dialogue with all of Egyptian society remains of vital interest in the current situation.”

For further information, please contact:
Poul Kjar (+45 41865975) or Thomas Hundsbæk-Pedersen (+45 33920635).