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Kenya Climate Innovation Center: Climate-smart agriculture offers hope to farmers threatened by climate change

13.08.2013  10:15

Climate change poses a significant threat to farmers, since a changing climate may reduce cereal yields sharply in the absence of adaptation. The Kenya Climate Innovation Center  supports, among other things, a project on hydroponic technology. Hydroponics is a method of growing crops using mineral nutrient solutions in water and without soil. Although hydroponics relies primarily on water, the system is efficient in managing the resource, and studies have indicated that hydroponics systems are at least 10 times more efficient in water usage in comparison to field farming.  Such climate-smart agriculture strengthens farmers’ resilience to climate change and reduces agriculture’s climate imprint.

The Climate Innovation Centers are created by joined efforts of infoDev , which is a trust funded global program within the World Bank Group and among other bilateral donor agencies, Danida.  The Kenya Climate Innovation Center, the first one of its kind, was launched in September, 2012. The centre is expected to support up to 70 sustainable climate technology ventures in the first five years, and is set out to generate 4,600 direct and in turn over 24,000 jobs in total within ten years.


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