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Denmark urges the UN to hastily investigate the latest accusations of the use of chemical weapons in Syria 22 August 2013

22.08.2013  17:16

 Minister for Foreign Affairs Villy Søvndal states:

“The reports from Syria are very alarming and we have to react. With this speedy initiative we want to show that the international community must take it seriously, and that the UN must hastily complete an investigation of the accusations. Therefore we have asked the Secretary-General of the UN,  Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, to report back to the member states as soon as possible.

During the meeting in the Security Council last night, the members welcomed the efforts of the Secretary General to ensure an investigation, and that the Security Council follows the situation closely. I strongly urge the Syrian regime to accept that the UN investigation team is given access to the area, in order for us to get clarity on what happened.

If the accusations are correct, it constitutes a dramatic escalation of an already horrible situation. We will at any time dissociate ourselves from such actions – no matter who commits them. Before we decide upon anything in this case, we need all the facts on the table. And then the international community must consider concrete international reactions. This work must be embedded in the UN Security Council.”

For further information please contact:

Henrik Røjgaard, Special Advisor of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, tel. 2046 1463, mail:
Lars Peter Levy, Press Advisor of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, tel. 4190 4124, mail: