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Bahrain upholds life sentence for the human rights activist al-Khawaja

07.01.2013  15:09
Bahrain’s Court of Cassation has upheld the life sentence of al-Khawaja. “I am disappointed, but our efforts will continue” says Villy Søvndal, Minister for Foreign Affairs.
Bahrain’s Court of Cassation has this morning upheld the life sentence of the human rights activist al-Khawaja.

The Danish Minister for Foreign Affairs states:

“The sentences in Bahrain, including for the Danish citizen Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, are very disappointing. It concerns a Danish citizen who has been sentenced for speaking out as part of his struggle for human rights and who has been a victim of torture.

Abdulhadi al-Khawaja’s continuous work for democracy and respect for human rights is broadly recognized.  Together with the group of countries and international organizations that share the Danish position, including the EU and UN, we will discuss further possibilities that can lead to the release of al-Khawaja and the other human rights and democracy fighters in Bahrain. In this context we will maintain that Bahrain must respect fundamental human rights, including the freedom of speech and assembly.

We will of course maintain contact to al-Khawaja and his closest family and via the Danish Embassy in Riyadh we will continue to provide consular assistance to al-Khawaja.”

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