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New Danish stabilisation and development programme for Syria

22.05.2014  15:53

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Martin Lidegaard, and The Minister of Trade and Development Cooperation of Denmark, Mogens Jensen, launch strategic framework for Syria for 2014-15 combined with a 1-year programme for 2014. A total of DKK 100 million has been allocated to the new 2014 Syria Programme, which constitutes an important part of the Danish efforts to aid the population in the opposition-controlled areas of Syria in cooperation with moderate actors in the opposition. Furthermore, a number of human rights and civil society projects will be supported together with efforts to promote a political solution to the conflict.

The Minister of Trade and Development Cooperation, Mogens Jensen, said:

“After more than three years conflict in Syria there is an imminent and growing need for not just humanitarian assistance but also for stabilization and development initiatives. This is not least the case in the opposition-controlled areas where large parts of the population lack access to the most basic services. With the new Syria programme we wish to improve the access of the Syrian population to basic services, including water, electricity, education and health. Another important focus area is the police- and justice sector, where we support the moderate, civilian actors that work to improve rule of law and community security for the local population. With the new Syria programme Denmark also support human rights defenders and civil society organisations and we support the UN efforts to find a political solution.”

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Martin Lidegaard states:

“With the programme we double our stabilisation and development assistance to Syria and at the same time send a clear signal to the Syrian population and the moderate opposition that Denmark stands behind them. The situation in Syria is disheartening and there are no easy solutions. Vi provide massive support in those areas where we can make a difference. The total Danish Syria contribution amounts to almost DKK 1 billion.”

The programme is financed by the Peace and Stabilisation Fund with DKK 80 million and the Danish Arab Partnership Programme with DKK 20 million. In total the Danish government allocated DKK 204 million for stabilisation and development assistance to Syria in the period 2012-2014. This assistance comes in addition to the Danish humanitarian contribution of DKK 682 million.