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Citizen TV: Danish Ambassador to promote first 3GF National Conference in Kenya

27.06.2014  08:27

Danish Ambassador to Kenya, Geert A. Andersen, was hosted by the Citizen TV, one of the leading media TV stations in the country, on its popular breakfast show Wednesday morning to promote the first ever Kenya Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) conference that was scheduled to take place on the 26th of June 2014. This date was significant, because it was graced by the presence of the Danish Minister for Environment, Mrs. Kirsten Brosbøl, who will be in Kenya to attend the first ever UNEA high level world ministerial summit.

The conference was jointly organized by the Royal Danish Embassy, The government of Kenya through its Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural resources, Ministry of Industrialization and Development Enterprises, the private sector through its umbrella body Kenya Private Sector Alliance and Kenya Climate Innovation Centre (KCIC), which is a donor funded agency that promotes innovation in the green growth sector.

Geert A. Andersen was able to articulate the 3GF global concept and how this was linked to the planned Kenya 3GF conference that essentially sought to determine Kenya's position and activities towards support to the 3GF. Geert A. Andersen also mentioned that funds were available to support projects defined within the 3GF context through donor supported agencies like KCIC, which Danida is also supporting, or through Danish pension funds available from institutions such as Frontier Invest. The Ambassador emphasized that development partners could only facilitate the process of Kenya's greening of the economy through the 3GF, but the real responsibility rested on the shoulders of the Kenyan Private Sector and the Government of Kenya.

Click here to see the clip from the show.