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Danida Business Partnerships

Danida Business Partnerships have replaced the B2B and IPD programmes as part of the implementation of Danida's new policy "Growth and Employment".

The overall objective of Danida Business Partnerships is to support sustainable development and contribute to poverty reduction. The objective will be pursued by creating growth and employment in Danida partner countries.

The immediate objective of Danida Business Partnerships is to transfer knowledge and technology from Danish companies to local partners, including improvement of working and living conditions of the poor and enhancing the competitiveness of local enterprises. This will be done by supporting establishment of partnerships that create value for companies while, at the same time, add overall value to society.

Further information about Danida Business Partnerships, eligibility criteria and application process can be found on the Danida Business Partnership website.

The current Business Development Profile for Kenya can be found here.

(Foto: Mikkel Ƙstergaard)



For further information about Danida Business Partnerships in Kenya, please contact: