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Have your say about the world you want!

13.11.2014  12:08

At this year’s 3GF participants joined the UN’s MYWorld vote on the world we want. The global vote aims to map what people worldwide perceive as the six most important priorities for the new sustainable development agenda. At 3GF more than 300 participants voted for action on climate change. So far more than 5 million people have voted globally.

Representatives from big businesses such as IKEA, Philips, Rockwool and Novo Nordisk had their say about what they see as the most pressing challenges globally. Three Danish ministers, including the Minister for Trade and Development Mogens Jensen also had their say together with representatives from Ghana, Australian and even Mexico’s former president Felipe Calderòn. See video below.

What do you think is the biggest challenge of our time? Have your say and vote for the world you want here and follow the global voting.