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Solar energy system at the Embassy

09.12.2014  07:37

The Royal Danish Embassy in Nairobi is now the proud owner of a solar water heating system to provide hot water in the kitchens and washrooms.


Located along the Equator, Kenya receives a considerable amount of solar radiation. This means that a vibrant solar energy market has developed in Kenya over the years providing electricity to remote homes and institutions and for temperature water heaters for domestic and commercial use. Kenya holds tremendous potential in solar energy but still only a small portion has been tapped. 

“We know that Kenya receives on average 4.5 kWh per square meter per day. In the light of this enormous potential it is a natural step for the Danish Embassy to install a solar water heating system for our hot water use. Kenya’s energy mix is already impressively green – primarily from hydro and geothermal sources – and we are working to boost renewable energy through development cooperation and trade facilitation” says Geert Aagaard Andersen, Ambassador to Kenya.

Since 2012 all new buildings in Kenya (with a hot water capacity over 100 liters a day) are required to install solar water heating. Industrial solutions are also emerging in the manufacturing sector and among flower producers, signalling a growing market also for Danish solar providers. Research carried out by the Embassy indicates that while the tariff system and regulatory framework are not yet ideal, 2015 may become a breakthrough year for Kenyan solar.