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Denmark supports Ebola-affected countries with maritime transport capacity

25.09.2014  14:40

The Danish Government has decided to increase its contribution to the fight against Ebola with further USD 6.83 million. Denmark offers the UN to make use of Danish maritime transport capacity to deliver humanitarian equipment to the people affected by the terrible epidemic in West Africa.

During the UN 69th General Assembly in New York, the Danish Prime Minister, Mrs Helle Thorning-Schmidt, announced that Denmark will make a substantial contribution to fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

The Danish Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation, Mr Mogens Jensen, will 25 September participate in a high-level meeting at the UN General Assembly to discuss the needs and the international community's handling of the crisis, including governments, NGOs, the private sector and research institutions. In the margin of the meeting Mogens Jensen will meet with the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO) Mrs Margaret Chan.

Mogens Jensen states:

“We have to act now if we want to end this horrifying epidemic in West Africa. We are not only facing a health crisis, but also an economic and security crisis, with dire consequences that are already affecting millions of people in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. There is a need for a comprehensive effort.” 

Maritime transport capacity

The UN has asked for support by means of a so-called Roll On/Roll Off vessel that can support the transport of humanitarian supplies. Denmark has accepted the request and allocates USD 1.7 million to this effort.

"It is absolutely crucial to deliver relief to the affected countries in West Africa. The crisis has led to a large decrease in the supply of goods and equipment, which is vital in the fight against Ebola and the social impacts that follow the disease. We must take action to isolate the disease, not the countries. Denmark is acting to do so now, "says the Minister.

Accommodation to healthcare workers

Denmark will also support the establishment of accommodation facilities for international healthcare workers who are fighting a tough battle to overcome the disease in the region. The healthcare staff is working under very difficult circumstances, and under great pressure, and it is vital that they are offered accommodation with adequate sanitation, security and opportunities for rest. Denmark is prepared to contribute with up to USD 1.7 million to DEMA efforts for this purpose.

Increased humanitarian contribution to WHO of USD 3.4 million

The Ebola epidemic underlines the need for a comprehensive WHO effort, especially at the country level. Therefore, Denmark has now made an earmarked humanitarian contribution of USD 3.4 million to the organisation’s Ebola-related activities.
With the new contribution, Denmark has contributed with around USD 11 million in total to the fight against Ebola.