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Denmark to give DKK 7 million towards prosecuting war crimes in Syria

07.03.2017  08:00

“Denmark’s position is clear: the gross human rights violations we see and have seen in Syria are unacceptable and it is important that the world community documents them. With the UN’s new initiative, we are sending a clear signal – not least to the Syrian regime – that there is no impunity for such crimes.

These efforts are a supplement to the stabilisation initiative, which Denmark announced last year,” says Minister for Foreign Affairs Anders Samuelsen.

The new mechanism was established in December 2016 with broad international support and the aim of gathering, preserving and consolidating evidence of human rights abuses and violations of international humanitarian law committed in Syria. The work shall contribute towards holding individual perpetrators of gross human rights violations legally responsible in a future judicial procedure.

The new Danish contribution will complement the Danish stabilisation efforts in Syria and Iraq, in particular those efforts focusing on dialogue and establishing peace. Over the period 2016-2018, DKK 332.5 million was allocated towards stabilisation efforts in Syria and Iraq.

For further information contact:
Anne Møller Ege, Press Advisor; tel. +45 41532526