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Denmark Supports a Human Rights Based Approach in EU Development Cooperation

06.06.2013  16:38

The Danish Minister for Development Cooperation of Denmark Christian Friis Bach invited colleagues and key stakeholders to a high-level dialogue seminar on priorities for a Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA). The seminar was co-hosted by the European Commission and took place in Brussels on 3 June 2013. Participation on the day numbered over 80 from member states, EU-institutions and civil society organisations.

Discussions on the day reflected considerable commitment to HRBA and a widely shared understanding among panellists and participants that the relevant HRBA policies are in place, but the key challenge is to translate the political commitment into implementation at programming level. Representatives of the EU institutions highlighted a planned EU HRBA Toolbox that will guide implementation at sector level as a top priority for moving forward. The Toolbox is expected finalised in December 2013.

Minister for Development Cooperation of Denmark, Christian Friis Bach: I am delighted that Denmark has contributed to ensuring the necessary commitment to implementing a Human Rights-Based Approach to EU’s development cooperation. The seminar led to the creation of a common understanding of what the approach means concretely for EU activities in partner countries. The notion of universal human rights is one of the most beautiful and visionary ideas created by human kind and are a core European value. Therefore it is evident that EU development cooperation should contribute to promote the full set of human rights including economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights. 

Seminar-report can be downloaded here

Programme can be downloaded here

Video from the high-level session with the Commissioner for Development, the EUSR for Human Rights and the Danish Minister for Development Cooperation:

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