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Christian Friis Bach, Minister for Development Cooperation, launches a new transparency package in Danida

29.01.2013  13:51
With the new Act on Danish Development Cooperation, which entered into force on 1 January 2013, the Minister for Development Cooperation has introduced a number of new initiatives for increased transparency in Danida. These new initiatives have now been launched on the Ministry’s website.

Minister for Development Cooperation, Christian Friis Bach, says:
“Citizens in the poorest countries in the world and Danish citizens have the right to insight into the work of Danida. At the same time, increased transparency is decisive for us getting inspiration and fresh knowledge, thus contributing to even better development cooperation. I hope Danida will receive many valuable contributions from dedicated citizens at home and abroad”.

As something new and unique in an international context, the public at home and abroad is invited to contribute with their knowledge and comments early in the process of preparing new strategies and programmes. A consultation portal has been established on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where everyone can follow and take part in the decision-making process.

Citizens at home and abroad can also now more easily deliver their criticism, praise and complaints to Danida. It is now possible to give feedback about Danida’s work both through the central website and from the website of a large number of embassies. The feedback will be processed and answered as they come, and a status report will be published annually.

Finally, from 2013 Denmark will report on development cooperation according to the new international standard as agreed at the Busan high level meeting in 2012. This is to ensure increased openness about programmes and money flows. Already now it is possible to access extensive information about projects, programmes and partners in Danida’s project database.