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Elections in Kenya on 8 August 2017

24.07.2017  11:54

Presidential elections as well as elections to the national parliament, county assemblies and governor positions in Kenya will take place on 8 August 2017. The election campaigns are underway, and during the election campaign, on Election Day and after the election day, meetings, demonstrations, etc. might be followed by disturbances of the public order and violent episodes. Traffic could be affected. The crime level could increase as police and other authorities mainly have their focus on electoral security. Both resident Danes and tourists are encouraged to show the necessary precaution, to avoid large political gatherings and to keep themselves informed on developments through travel agencies, the media and the Embassy's website.

It is also suggested to take the following precautions during the election period:
- Ensure that you have access to a sufficient supply of water and basic foods, as well as torches, candles, first aid kit, etc.
- Make sure you have adequate supply of any prescription medicines
- Ensure that vehicles have sufficient fuel
- Avoid driving outside the major cities after dark
- Bring relevant phone numbers in case help is needed from health or safety authorities and keep in touch with family and friends
- Have a sufficient amount of local and international currency available
- Always bring passports