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Denmark congratulates Afghanistan on the formation of a new Government of National Unity

22.09.2014  10:03

Minister for Foreign Affairs Martin Lidegaard states:

“I wish to congratulate Afghanistan on the formation of a new Government of National Unity. A peaceful transfer of authority is in the interest of all Afghans. Afghanistan is facing considerable challenges, which demand political leadership and great courage. I am very pleased to see that Dr. Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah are prepared to face these challenges jointly.” 

Minister for Trade and Development Cooperation Mogens Jensen states:

“I look forward to working together with the new Afghan Government of National Unity. There is, among other matters, a pressing need to create employment and income opportunities so the ordinary Afghan can believe in a better future. Denmark stands ready to assist.”

The Presidential Election in Afghanistan is an important milestone in the country’s political history. The process has been challenged by serious allegations of election fraud. With the US and the UN as facilitators, the candidates agreed in July that there should be a full audit of the votes cast with extensive monitoring by the international community, including Denmark, and to negotiate with a view to the formation of a Government of National Unity.

Denmark will in the years 2013-17 contribute with substantial development assistance to Afghanistan with an average annual aid disbursement rate of DKK 530 million. This makes Afghanistan the biggest recipient of Danish development aid. The Danish aid is focused on growth and employment, education, good governance, capacity building of the Afghan National Police and reintegration of returned refugees and internally displaced. Furthermore, Denmark provides acute humanitarian assistance.