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Joint Statement by Heads of Mission in Kenya

26.10.2017  07:36

As long-standing partners, our governments have watched the unfolding developments around Kenya’s fresh presidential election with profound sadness. We had hoped and have repeatedly called for Kenyans to come together to hold a better election in line with the historic order of the Supreme Court on September 1. We are deeply disappointed by the continuing efforts of both parties to interfere with and undermine the independent operation of the electoral commission, the judiciary, and other essential institutions. We condemn the attack on the bodyguard of the Deputy Chief Justice.

We regret that the Supreme Court was unable to hear today’s case that raised important questions regarding the election. We would have preferred that the case be heard before the election. We strongly deplore any attempts to obstruct the judicial process.

The IEBC has, however, announced the election will take place tomorrow. We urge all Kenyans to remain calm, reject violence, and uphold the principles of this country’s remarkable Constitution. Following this election, there must be immediate, sustained, open, and transparent dialogue involving all Kenyans to resolve the deep divisions that the electoral process has exacerbated. Kenya is at risk of losing much of what it has gained since 2008 unless it comes together at this crucial moment to preserve its democracy and fundamental freedoms.

Robert F. Godec 
Ambassador of the United States

Nic Hailey
High Commissioner for the United Kingdom

Stefano A. Dejak 
Ambassador of the European Union

Ralf Heckner
Ambassador of Switzerland

Tarja Fernández 
Ambassador of Finland

Anna Jardfelt
Ambassador of Sweden

Victor Conrad Rønneberg

Ambassador of Norway

Jutta Frasch
Ambassador of Germany

Frans Makken
Ambassador of the Netherlands

Sara Hradecky
High Commissioner for Canada

Mette Knudsen
Ambassador of Denmark

Mauro Massoni
Ambassador of Italy

Antoine Sivan
Ambassador of France

Nicolas Nihon
Ambassador of Belgium

Quinton Devlin
Deputy High Commissioner a.i., Australia