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Internship for the Green Growth &
Employment Team in Kenya

Note: Apply before the 8th of March 2020.

Danish Support to Green Growth & Employment in Kenya

Economic growth in Kenya, which has been steadily increasing in recent years, is highly natural resources dependent. Sustainability of this growth, therefore, depends to a large extent on a rational, efficient use of resources (energy, water, land and other resources) and effective control of negative externalities such as water and air pollution, land degradation, and waste production. Kenya’s future possibilities for fostering sustainable growth and employment and ensuring a clean and healthy environment will be determined and restricted by the choices that are made today in relation to the pattern and quality of growth

The transition to a greener and cleaner development path is a global imperative as explicitly recognized in recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals. Danish Development Assistance in Kenya plays an enabling role in supporting Kenya reduce the environmental footprints of economic activities and ensuring sustainable use of natures’ resources for improving economic welfare of people, especially those that depend directly on such resources. In addition, the Danish Government has emphasised the need to prioritise climate change in development assistance. This means continued and concerted focus by the Embassy on addressing the impacts of climate change in Kenya.


As an intern, you will be an integrated part of the Green Growth & Employment Team. You will be working on a wide range of issues including public and private sector solutions that focus on climate change, energy efficiency, water resource management, agri-business and community driven development.
As an intern in the Teams, you will have an opportunity to work closely with the Team Leaders and programme staff in implementing the Green Growth & Employment Programme (2016-2020).

More details about the Green Growth & Employment Programme can be found here

Together with relevant Programme staff you will:
- Participate in tasks related to the Green Growth & Employment Programme
- Participate in tasks related to climate change activities with specific focus on projects related to access to water in ASAL areas, community driven development in the rangelands and implementation of innovative green tech solutions.
- Participate in and coordinate meetings, gatherings and events in relation to development partners, government stakeholders, civil society and multilateral organisations etc
- Provide administrative support during visit programmes for missions

In addition, you will learn about public diplomacy efforts to promote the work done by the Embassy by providing support towards the implementation of the Embassy’s Strategic Communications activities in collaboration with the communications-working group.

As an intern, you will be acquainted with the practical workings of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These include learning about the management of development programmes and getting familiar with the financial and archiving systems used by the Ministry.

Other tasks will come up on an ad-hoc basis

- A Bachelor degree and admission at master level at a Danish University in a relevant field for this position.
- Genuine interest in sustainability and growth, climate change and development cooperation.
- Working experience from relevant institutions or private businesses is not a requirement but is considered an asset.
- Responsible, independent and mature in your approach to an internship that unfolds in an international, intensive and demanding environment.
- Ability to work independently, demonstrate initiative and value working in a team.
- Quick to learn, ready to adapt and good multi-tasking skills are highly valued qualities.
- Good English and Danish language skills.
- Danish citizenship or fulfilling the following requirements: The applicant has lived in Denmark for a longer period of time (at least 3-4 years), is admitted at a Danish - University or Business School and at the time of applying has residence in Denmark.

The Embassy provides a monthly supplement of 4000 kr. of which approximately half will be spent on rent for the apartment shared by the Embassy’s four interns. Due to regulation regarding SU and compensation, you will have two options regarding receiving the supplement:
1. Choose not to receive SU and get the monthly supplement of DKK 4000 per month.
2. Receive SU and hand in documentation of concrete expenses (including flight tickets, vaccines, insurance, etc.) up to DKK 4000 per month.
Due to Nairobi being a city with high security risks, there are certain limitations to the movements of the interns. For more information on the security situation in Nairobi, please see the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' recommendations on travelling in Kenya. Regular security briefings will be provided by the Embassy.

Apply now!

Download the advert here. Please send your application, CV, relevant recommendations and transcripts in a single PDF-file. The application must be in English, no longer than one page, and sent to with cc: by the 8th of March 2020 marked ‘Application for Internship – Green Growth & Employment’. Please state clearly if you are also applying for other positions within the Embassy.