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Denmark-Kenya Partnership Policy 2015-2020

The Denmark-Kenya Partnership Policy presents the Danish Governments view on the current and emerging challenges as well as objectives and strategic focus areas for future engagement.

The overall vision for the partnership is to support the Kenyan government and the people of Kenya to implement Kenyans own Vision 2030 to create “a globally competitive and prosperous country with a high quality of life by 2030”.

The objectives for Denmark’s future engagement will be to support inclusive green growth and poverty reduction, support the democratic reform process and promote human rights. It will also be an objective in its own right to strengthen trade and commercial relations between Kenya and Denmark as-well-as the objective of stability and security in Kenya and the wider region.

Three strategic focus areas have been identified for effectively pursuing the objectives:

i. Implementing the constitution towards a prosperous and equitable Kenya

ii. Inclusive green growth and employment

iii. Promoting regional cooperation and stability.

The instruments for engaging in three strategic focus areas will be broad-based and rely on a focused and efficient development cooperation, humanitarian assistance, close cooperation between public authorities together with an open and honest policy dialogue, strengthened commercial ties and security cooperation for the benefit of both countries and the region. The partnership will involve key stakeholders in both countries, including public sector, private sector, civil society and the academia.

In the area of development cooperation Danish assistance will increasingly play a catalytic role in promoting needed change and progress within key areas while leveraging synergies and other public and private support. Gradually, trade and investments are expected to evolve as the most important area of economic cooperation between Kenya and Denmark. Consequently, Denmark shall continue to support market entry for Danish companies in Kenya with increased trade and investments as result. The utilisation of instruments like the Danish Investment Fund for Development Countries (IFU) and the Export Credit Fund (EKF) and the presence of the Danish Trade Council together with a close cooperation between public authorities in particular within climate, energy, environment food and agriculture constitute the enabling environment for the economic cooperation between the two countries.

More information about the overarching policy for Denmark – Kenya relations can be found here:

Denmark-Kenya Partnership Policy (Danish)

Denmark-Kenya Partnership Policy (English)


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