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Resilience, peace and stability

Denmark seeks to promote resilience, peace and stability in Kenya by curbing violent extremism, preventing man-made and natural crises, and strengthening Kenya’s pro-active role in regional peace and security and as a host-community for refugees. 



 Kenya faces recurrent domestic humanitarian crises due to climate change related droughts and at the same time serves both as a host and transit nation for almost half a million refugees due to long standing conflicts and instability in the Eastern Africa region. Climate change amplifies existing fault lines as a result of intensified struggle for resources. 
The Danish support to resilience, peace and stability is divided in the three engagements listed below.
Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT): This engagement seeks to increase community resilience and adaptation to climate change through sustainable peaceful use of natural resources in the ASALs. It will address the key challenges undermining resilience of communities in this region by building on the foundation of strong and well-governed community-led institutions.
Water Sector Trust Fund (WSTF): The Danish support to Water Sector Trust Fund (WaterFund) is a continuation of a collaboration that will enable WaterFund to reach further out to underserved ASAL counties with provision of water and sanitation services and water resources investments to vulnerable communities.
ACT Change Transform (ACT): The engagement takes place in a context of inequality and marginalisation driven conflicts in parts of Kenya where there is competition surrounding ethnicity, politics, and access to natural resources. It aims to decrease violent extremism, political and natural resource-based conflicts in Kenya.

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For more information about Denmark's new partnership with Kenya and specific engagements, please contact: [email protected]