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Gender Equality

Denmark is in the forefront of international work to achieve gender equality. In Kenya and Somalia, Danida is actively supporting national authorities and partners in promoting gender equality. Danida accordingly puts emphasis on mainstreaming gender in all sector programmes as well as designing special interventions to promote gender equality in the countries.

Gender equality is a fundamental right and is essential to development. Lack of gender equality results in a large unutilised economic potential, and both women and men should be given the same opportunities to deploy their resources. It is therefore critical that women and men have the same access to democratic and financial institutions, healthcare, education, employment, and natural resources.

Kenya’s new constitution and the Government’s Vision 2030 are both addressing gender equality. For example, the Bill of Rights in the constitution affirms equal rights and non-discrimination, and the constitution embeds affirmative action aiming at improving equal participation in decision making. Notwithstanding that gender equality is clearly recognized as key for development in Kenya, there are still considerable differences in the country between men and women’s possibilities to control and benefit from economic, social and political resources and structures.

The Government of Denmark is committed to promotion of gender equality and women’s rights as stated in the Strategy for Denmark’s Development Cooperation. Denmark accordingly works to enhance global awareness of gender equality and takes the lead in efforts to improve gender equality and women’s freedom, rights and opportunities. Denmark’s strong engagement on gender equality is reflected in Danida’s activities in Kenya and Somalia. All the Danida supported sector programmes in Kenya as well as the Regions of Origin initiative in Somalia have integrated gender equality as a cross-cutting theme, and Danida also supports interventions specifically targeting women’s rights and needs in Kenya and Somalia.

The Embassy of Denmark in Nairobi furthermore makes a strong effort to continuously strengthen the capacity of partners, advisers and Embassy staff on gender equality and women’s rights.


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