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Men and women in business

The business sector in Kenya is an important driving force for development and has a unique potential of creating equal possibilities for entrepreneurial men and women.

Micro- small and medium size companies are owned and run by both men and women. However, traditionally men dominate the private sector, and the sector has an important role in creating better opportunities for entrepreneurial women. Nonetheless, Kenya already has many innovative business women and several important private sector institutions are run by women.

The second phase of the Danida supported Business Sector Programme Support (BSPS II), has a cross-cutting focus on gender in all three components and particular emphasis is put on creating gender equality through the private sector channels. A special focus is put on gendered value chain studies, which investigate how gender issues is interlinked with value chains and how one can deal more efficiently with gender by understanding value chains.

In componet 1 under BSPS II on business environment, emphasis is put on advocacy and empowering the private sector’s ability to take up legislative issues with the government. Gender is a natural part of the advocacy agenda and it is a goal to ensure that more Business Membership Organisations representing businesswomen are supported by Kenya’s Business Advocacy Fund.

The Danida Business Partnerships programme also seeks to improve gender equality and women's empowerment. Project ideas that encompass gender improvements through mainstreaming gender considerations or including specific targeted interventions, will be favoured.

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