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Promotion of equal access to natural resources

The Danida supported Natural Resource Management Programme (NRMP) in Kenya promotes gender equality through a number of interventions particularly related to improving men and women's equal access to resources essential to their livelihoods and well-being, as well as participation and decision-making in natural resource management.

Men and women have very different and often unequal roles in management and utilization of natural resources in Kenya. Women in particular have an important role to play in management of these resources, especially at the local level, as their everyday lives are very dependent on access to water, firewood, food etc. However, Kenya women’s access to land, credit and extension services is limited, thus restricting their involvement in addressing natural resource concerns.

Meanwhile, climate change and degradation of natural resources often lead to an increase in women’s (and typically also children’s) domestic burden, as more time is spent on, for example, collection of water and firewood.

The NRMP has a strong focus on issues that define, document and address gender equality. Gender related issues are mainstreamed at all levels of interventions within the programme, and special interventions addressing gender equality in natural resource management is supported to ensure fundamental structural changes. Some of the gender specific interventions under NRMP include:

  • Support the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources (MEMR) in developing a national gender mainstreaming policy/strategy and action plan;
  • Strengthening the capacity of the NRMP implementing partners to coordinate natural resource management and climate change issues from a gender equality perspective;
  • Supporting implementation of gender needs assessments of proposed projects and policies;
  • Developing gender disaggregated indicators for monitoring and documenting best practices in projects;
  • Supporting gender-related interventions on thematic priorities within natural resource management, including women’s participation in business-related activities and access to credit.

For more information on gender equality under NRMP, please reade the document below.

NRMP Annex 2: Addressing Gender Equality

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