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The Governance programme 2016 – 2020 with a volume of DKK 225 million supports the constitutional reforms with essential change processes in three intervention areas: (i) Democratic practices; (ii) Public sector effectiveness; and (iii) Peace, security and stability.

The objective is “Implementation of the Constitution and consolidation of an accountable, inclusive, and participatory democracy based on increased stability”.

Women waiting to cast their vote at the Kitutu Masaba By-Election 28th November 2011.

Photo: Mikkel Østergaard

The specific Development Engagement Documents that describes the engagements in detail, can be found by pressing the name of the engagements in the left column.


Outcome Danida support Implementing partner
Support to Public Financial Management Reform (PFMR) A public finance system that promotes transparency, accountability, equity, fiscal discipline and efficiency in the management and use of public resources DKK 45 million The National Treasury
Support to the Kenya Accountable Devolution Programme (KADP) Strengthened devolved governance systems at both national and county level regarding Public Financial Management, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and Planning, Human Resource Management as well as citizen engagement/public DKK 30 million The World Bank through a Multi-Donor Trust Fund
Support to Electoral Processes in Kenya Enhanced credibility of the electoral process in Kenya DKK 15 million Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA)
Support to Human Rights , Access to Justice and Equality

Enhanced access to justice facilitated by effective, sustain-able judicial reforms and increased use of alternative dispute resolution and other alternative justice systems

Strengthened institutional and legal mechanisms for the advancement of gender equality and rights of vulnerable people
DKK 25 million International Development Law Organization (IDLO)
Support to Women’s Rights and Empowerment Increased realization of women’s and girls’ constitutional rights in Kenya DKK 15 million Federation of Women Lawyers – Kenya Chapter (FIDA Kenya)
Support to Civil Society

Increased participation, engagement and oversight by civil society in governance at the national and county level.

Increased citizen participation and engagement in governance processes and in monitoring performance of county governments.

DKK 55 million The URAIA Trust
Support to Peace, Security and Stability Improved capacity and effectiveness of CSOs, government and security oversight bodies to counter violent extremism, prevent political and natural resource conflicts in Kenya DKK 30 million Act Change Transform (ACT!)


Danida in Kenya