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Public Financial Management (PFM)

Danida supports the Kenyan Government’s achievement of various public financial management reforms. The aim is to strengthen PFM systems to enhance transparency, accountability for improved service delivery. 


The Public Finance Management (PFM) component is the second component of the Kenya Governance Support Programme (KGSP) 2010-2015. Implementation of the KGSP commenced in January 2011 following signing of the Programme Support Agreement between the Government of Denmark and the Government of Kenya regarding development cooperation concerning KGSP in December 2010. The KGSP aims to support implementation of the Constitution of Kenya and strengthen checks and balances in Kenya’s governance structure by supporting government agencies, quasi-government and oversight agencies and non-state actors.

The KGSP was subjected to a mid-term review in May 2013 whose purpose was to assess developments in the KGSP programme context and programme performance (results, progress, challenges, developments in risk factors, need for adjustment, etc.). Following the mid-term review, the PFM component has now been reformulated to align to changes in the PFM environment. These changes include the revised PFM legal and institutional framework particularly the PFM Act (2012); the devolved governance structure; and, the new policy framework notably the second Medium Term Plan (MTP II) and the successor strategy for Public Finance Management Reforms (2013-2018).

The support will focus on the PFMR programme whose objective is: A public finance system that is efficient, effective, and equitable for transparency, accountability and improved service delivery’. 



If you want to read more about PFM, download the public financial management component description to the right.

Contact persons

Team Leader, Governance

Adam Sparre Spliid


Programme Manager, Democratic Governance

Joseph Kimani Njuguna



Public Financial Management Component