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NOWSUD Skills Development Centre

In Isiolo County lack of formal employment and underemployment of the youth in the area remains a critical development challenge, which then leaves the youth vulnerable to recruitment into radicalization and violent extremist groups.

Isnina Noor (23) is one of the students enrolled at the NOWSUD skills development centre in Isiolo learning how to make clothes.

Isnina and her family used to live in Kabeju within Isiolo when they were forced out in 2011 following conflict over livestock between the Somali and Turkana communities in the area. The conflict which had been ongoing since 2007 peaked in 2011 leading to the forced relocation of several families including Isnina’s who fled to their present location of Kamiotha leaving everything behind.

Isnina who is the first-born child in her family, was unfortunately unable to attend school following her mother’s death and her father’s decision that she could not attend school at the expense of her younger brothers and sisters. To support her family, Isnina sold vegetables to supplement her father’s income. However, she was not happy with her lack of education/skills and she enrolled for the tailoring course at the NOWSUD skills development centre in February 2017. After completion of her classes, she aims to set up her own business within Isiolo.

At the NOWSUD centre, the students pay subsidised fees and are taught technical skills in tailoring, shoemaking and computing as well as given business management lessons to help them set up sustainable businesses so that they can earn a livelihood.

The skills development project by NOWSUD is supported by DANIDA through its partner Act!  as part of the Peace, Security and Stability Program. The program is committed to building the capacity of communities and grassroots organizations in a bid to complement the Kenya government’s efforts in empowering an ever-increasing number of youth to become socially and economically self-sustainable and thereby help them resist the allure of radicalization and violent extremism.

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