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Health Sector Service Fund 2010-2013

The program was adopted by the Government of Kenya and rolled out country-wide in 2010 with Danida and the World Bank being the main funders of the central fund known as Health Sector Services Fund (HSSF). The HSSF specifically aimed at increasing resources at peripheral health facilities to provide adequate services, and encouraging community involvement in the identification of health priorities. The HSSF was managed and coordinated centrally from a Secretariat based in the Ministry of Health and made use of a direct, parallel funding mechanism to transfer funds directly from the fund to the facilities. It was envisaged to incorporate this mechanism in the national systems once the systems were mature enough to effectively handle the grants.

In 2014 an evaluation of the HSSF found that it had achieved a strong and positive impact on health facilities; it had led to improvements in the reported quality of care, staff motivation and patient satisfaction and actively involved the communities in the running of the health facilities, which strengthened accountability. Likewise the intervention had shown to be very cost-effective as the total funds of the HSSF was less than 1 percent of the total health sector budget and by securing the facilities could operate it likewise provided important leverage to other key health sector investments in human resources, medicine and infrastructure.