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Support to Gender Violence Recovery Centre

In Kenya, women and girls have historically been disadvantaged in access to socio economic benefits, hence lacking necessary empowerment to negotiate for non-abusive relationships. Results from the preliminary Kenya Demographic Health Survey 2014 report showed that 38% of women living in marriages has experienced physical violence compared to 9% of married men. Studies also reveal that 10,7% of girls and 4,2% of boys experienced at least one episode of sexual violence in the past 12 months. Harmful practices such as child marriage, female genital mutilation, violence and sexual abuse also exacerbate the situation. The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commision Report of 2013 underscored Gender Based Violence(GBV) as a contributor to human rights violations in the country to be recognized in the discourse of the national reconciliation and healing process. GBV is therefore a scale that constraints the achievements of the National Development Goals and jeopardises the human rights and well being of many Kenyans, especially women and girls. It is against this background that national and county governments are expected to formulate interventions, which reduce the occurrence of GBV and promote secure and dignified existence for girls, women, boys and men.

In recent years the fight against GBV has gained momentum in Kenya and the government has taken steps to address the issues through updating and enacting GBV response and prevention with the then Ministry of Devolution and Planning responsible for implementation, whereas the National Commision on Gender and Equality (NGEC) is charged with monitoring and implementation of the GBV response. In 2014, NGEC developed the National Monitoring and Evaluation Framework towards the Prevention of and Response to Gender Based Violence in Kenya. Despite these significant efforts, gaps and challenges remain, particularly with respect to proper reporting, documentation, coordination and implementation of GBV prevention and response. In order to address the issues at hand Danida is supporting Gender Violence Recovery Centre between 2017-2021with DKK 10 million.

The Gender Violence Recovery Centre(GVRC) is a non-profit, non-partisan; charitable trust of the Nairobi Women’s Hospital, a private institution that specialises in obstetrics and gynaecology services and seeks to provide holistic care to women and their families. GVRC’s purpose is to bring back the meaning of life to survivors of gender based violence and their families, through the provision of comprehensive free medical treatment and psychosocial support. Gender based violence survivors are persons who have endured any form of violence such as physical, sexual, psychological or emotional abuse. The overall envision of GVRC is a society free of gender based violence and the organisation has become a centre of excellence on GBV issues and management in Kenya. Since its establishment in 2001, GVRC has brought back meaning to the lives of over 29.000 survivors and their families though free comprehensive medical and psychosocial support. Medical examination and treatment provided to survivors includes: post-exposure prophylaxis, emergency contraceptives for women and girls within the reproductive period, specialised treatment (inconsistence and fistula), Hepatitis B vaccinations as well as various laboratory tests.

Read more about the engagement in the Development Engagement Document:

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