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Arid Land Resource Management

The Arid Land Resource Management Component aims at improving the livelihoods of Kenyans living in the arid and semi-arid areas of Kenya.

The arid and semi-arid lands of Kenya are home to 10 million Kenyans, 70% of whom live under the poverty line. The areas are subject to frequent droughts, which have been intensified by climate change. The NRMP consequently provides support to development of these areas in close partnership with the Ministry of State for Northern Kenya and Other Arid Lands. The component has the following objective: “Poverty reduction, enhanced food security, reduced livelihood vulnerability, and improved natural resource management systems in drought-prone and marginalised districts and communities.”

The Arid Lands Resource Management Component has special focus on:

• Promoting planning, coping and investment strategies for climate change adaptation by communities, private sector and government agencies;

• Promoting renewable energy strategies and technologies that are affordable, practical and environmentally sustainable;

• Developing capacity of communities, the private sector and government agencies in disaster risk reduction, drought management, and planning and implementation of small and large-scale sustainable investments to improve livelihoods in a fragile environment;

• Promoting private sector involvement in productive investment opportunities;

• Promoting gender equality in planning and implementation of community development initiatives and micro-projects.

Furthermore, the component encourages experimental and pilot activities that promote innovative approaches to natural resource management in arid areas in relation to climate change adaptation and renewable energy. Specific attention is given to increasing the participation of women and other vulnerable groups and private sector organisations in the form of micro and small enterprises.

The component has a total budget of DKK 140.1 Million (approximately KSH 2 Billion).


- Component 2 Medium-Term ASAL Programme 

- Evaluation of the World Bank's Arid Lands Resource Management Project

- Component 2 Medium Term ASAL Programme Phase 2

- Draft Paper on National Policy for the Sustainable Development of Northern Kenya and other Arid Lands