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Fast Start Climate Change Pilot Projects

As part of this climate change package, Kenya became the first African country to receive funding as bilateral support from Denmark and DKK 10 million was set aside for pilot projects. In addition a further DKK 50 million has been allocated to Kenya for the design and implementation of a fast start climate change programme. The programme emphasises the role of the private sector and communities in facilitating the use of innovative technology to reduce climate change vulnerability and contribute to a low carbon development path.


In late 2010, several potential pilot projects were screened, out of which five projects were shortlisted for implementation in 2010- 2011. The screening criteria used to select the five pilot projects asked the following questions:

·         Will the projects directly benefit people in terms of climate resilience?

·         Do the projects provide ‘value for money’ in terms of direct cost benefit for the people?

·         Can the projects bring new approaches and innovation to the climate change agenda in Kenya?

·         Are the projects self-sustaining with a focus on financial sustainability?

·         Do the project ‘owners’ have the capacity to effectively implement it within the given time frame?


More information can be found here