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MFA accelerates gender equality efforts – read the new action plan

08.03.2021  16:13
MFA has a new Action Plan on Gender Equality. The Action Plan sets the course for the efforts in the next five years to create more gender equality and cultural changes in the organisation.

”The fight against inequality and discrimination lies at the heart of our work in countries around the world. This should also be the case inside our own organization…..Because equal opportunities yield better organisational performance and foster greater job satisfaction and commitment among us all”.

This is a quote from the Introduction to the new Action Plan on Gender Equality. The plan continues the Ministry’s long standing gender equality efforts but it accelerates the process in order to obtain faster results on gender equality. An internal working group with representatives from all over the organisation, including missions, has laid the foundation for the new plan, drawing on inspiration from other organisations and researchers in the field of gender equality.

So far, MFA gender equality efforts have to a large extent been focused on achieving a better gender balance in management. The new Action Plan widens the scope significantly, comprising four focus areas:



Action Plan on Gender Equality

For each focus area concrete objectives and success criteria have been established, adding transparency and making on-going evaluation and monitoring of efficiency possible.

Efforts to counter unconscious bias will in particular be in focus. Structural and cultural changes pave the way for gender diversity and equal opportunities. This effort will be cross-cutting, including measures regarding flexible working hours, rewarding based on results rather than time, men taking more paternity leave and child sick days etc. All together, the initiatives in the plan will turn the MFA into a more family-friendly working place to mutual benefit.