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Examples of the Trade Council's work with clients in Kenya.

Health: Business models at the Base of the Pyramid

A leading global pharmaceutical company initiated a corporate innovation project to integrate diagnosis, treatment and diabetes control for the working poor at the base of the pyramid in Kenya. The client faced challenges in creating a new distribution model and ensuring community ownership, while extending services to the growing segment of diabetes patients.

The Trade Council identified target areas for the pilot project as well as partners, facilitating meetings with government officials and civil society. TC assisted with project design and implementation, crafting measurement indicators and carrying out local data collection.

The pilot project is complete and the client has scaled up plans to target even more diabetes patients. With the guidance of the Trade Council and Embassy health experts, the client has developed a new business model and penetrated the Kenyan market.

Food Products: Market insight and identifying the right partners

Feedback: "We asked the Danish Embassy to establish meetings with local dairy companies, throughout the country, in order to obtain a better understanding and insight to the market – with the aim to evaluate suitable ways forward. We got good insight to the industry and are, after two visits, in a better position to finally decide upon the future. The Danish Embassy has delivered valuable information and has, in a smooth way, helped us to set up relevant meetings with major players in the country – and has shown themselves more than capable of delivering upon given promises. Well done to the team for an outstanding help."

Energy: Smart power solutions

Kenyan companies face highly inefficient power usage due to volatile energy supply and mismanagement of the sector.
A Danish company and a research organization engaged the Trade Council to locate partners for testing their power management systems.

Kenyan companies were invited to take part in interviews and test technologies to monitor and manage energy use to drive down costs. The Trade Council was engaged to collect data, identify potential users and partners for the project, and organize visits.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods: Packaging for the local market

A Danish manufacturer of packaging material required deep knowledge of the Kenyan processed food markets to strategize on entering the retail market.

The company needed to determine local quality, product profiles and the competitor landscape.
The Trade Council was engaged to collect information about existing product packaging in the Kenyan market and provide samples for further analysis.

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