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Support for Trade Council services

The Trade Council of Denmark provides support and discounted rates under a number of programmes. For the Kenyan market Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) can utilize from the following programmes:

Export Sparring - For the new exporter
The programme only takes the company's time and engagement. As a SME you get 2 x 15 hours for free - subsidy 100%. The programme collaborate closely with Regional Business Centres ("Væksthusene")

A company must participate in Export Sparring with a Regional Business Centre before qualifying for free TC market information.

GROW - For customized services and solutions

GROW targets companies with a proven export related business plan, which are looking to extend their business internationally. As a SME you get a 35% discount on a 50-200 hours package. The same package can be used on several markets and it is possible for two or more companies to share a package. 

Companies can apply for several packages but can only have one package at any given time, i.e. a package has to be finished and invoiced before the next package can be granted.

Vitus - The elite program

Vitus is for companies that have a product and a will to extend into new markets or get more in debt on a current market. The Vitus programme runs for a year. As a SME you get a 50% discount on a 265 hours package.

Companies can apply for the Vitus programme twice a year. To secure focus and target there is a maximum of 10 companies in each Vitus round.

Regional focus for a Vitus customer is possible. 

Strategic Business Alliance - Because joint forces matters

Aims to have SMEs form an alliance with larger scale companies and thereby get access to new exports markets. As a SME you get a 50% discount on a 100 hours package. It is a requirement that there is at least 3 companies in the alliance and minimum 50% of the companies have to be SMEs.

Alliances can purchase up to 4 packages of 100 hours at 995 DKK/hour from missions. Alliances can obtain subsidy for 2 consecutive years with subsidy in year 2 equalling 50% of subsidy in year 1.

Alliances can have a regional focus.

Contact Us:

Carol Olale

Senior Commercial Advisor

Phone: +254 20 425 3000

Email: [email protected]


Eric Mwema

Senior Commercial Advisor

Phone: +254 20 425 3000 

Email: [email protected]