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Internship in the Somalia Team

NOTE: Apply before the 9th of April. 

Internship in fragility, stability, development and humanitarian aid
As an intern in the Somalia Team at the Danish Embassy in Nairobi you will receive both hands-on experience with diplomacy in fragile settings and get insights into political administration and aid management at one of Denmark’s largest embassies.

Since the state collapse in 1991, Somalia has been one of the most entrenched conflict zones in Africa. However, in recent years, Somalia has been on a track of recovery and has undergone significant progress, not least with the new President taking office in February 2017. Nevertheless, the challenges for the future are many, pivoting on how development translates into results for ordinary citizens, how the struggle against the terror organisation al-Shabaab continues, and how humanitarian efforts can reach the ones in need.

The most important part of being an intern in the Somalia Team is to learn and become familiar with the inner workings of stabilisation, development, diplomacy and administration. You will have plenty of opportunity to work with political relations, peace and stabilisation, economic development, human rights and humanitarian assistance and refugees.

A main part of your internship involves day-to-day management of development and humanitarian programmes as well as political processes. As an intern, you will assist on a broad array of topics, from acting as focal point on internal processes, over political and humanitarian reporting, to assisting with administration and implementation of strategies and programmes, such as the Country Programme for Somalia 2015-2018 and the Peace and Stabilisation Programme for the Horn of Africa 2015-2018.
As the previous programmes run out in 2018, you will also be involved in the interesting process of formulating and finalizing the new programmes - making this an especially educational time to be an intern in the Somalia Team.
Other tasks will come up, on an ad hoc basis.


  • A Bachelor degree and admission at master level at a Danish University. E.g. political science, anthropology, development studies or public administration.
  • Genuine interest in international relations and development.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, work independently, demonstrate initiative and value teamwork.
  • Experience with organisational work through student positions and volunteering, or if you have been living and travelling in development countries - is considered an advantage..
  • Danish citizenship or fulfilling the following requirements: The applicant has lived in Denmark for a longer period (at least 3-4 years), is admitted at a Danish University or Business School and at the time of applying has residence in Denmark.


The internship will be eligible for transfer of ETCS points at a relevant educational institution.

The Embassy provides a monthly supplement of DKK 4000 of which approximately half will be spent on rent for the apartment shared by the Embassy’s four interns. Due to regulations regarding SU and compensation, you will have two options regarding receiving the supplement: 

  1. Choose not to receive SU and get the monthly supplement of DKK 4000 per month. 
  2. Receive SU and hand in documentation of concrete expenses (including flight tickets, vaccines, insurance, etc.) up to DKK 4000 per month.

Due to Nairobi being a city with high security risks there are certain limitations to the movements of the interns. For more information on the security situation in Nairobi, please see the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs' recommendations on travelling in Kenya. The Embassy provides regular security briefings.

Apply now!
Download the advert here. Please send your application, CV, relevant recommendations and transcripts in a single PDF. The application must be in English, no longer than one page, and sent to with cc: by the 9th of April 2018 marked ‘Application for Internship – Somalia Team’. Please state clearly if you are also applying for other positions within the Embassy. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the current intern, Michelle Hendrika Julie Nielsen, at