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Kenya has one of the most developed power sectors in sub-Saharan Africa, having opened its market to Independent Power Producers (IPPs) in the mid-1990s. Kenya benefits from factors including: an active private sector; Kenya Power's long track record as a creditworthy off-taker; and abundant renewable energy resources, especially geothermal, wind and solar.

90% of Kenya's generated electricity is from renewable sources and the Government has committed to 100% renewable by the year 2030.

Kenya’s Energy sector presents the below opportunities for Danish Companies;
Energy Storage technologies
Integration technologies for various sources.
Low cost electricity generation plants e.g. Wind farms and geothermal plants
Development and construction of electricity transmission infrastructure
Upgrade of the National Dispatch Optimisation systems
Energy Audits and Consultancy
Project Financing

Limited and aging distribution infrastructure, high technical and commercial losses, opaque procurement processes, right of way disputes, PPA inconsistencies, and other challenges affect sector growth. A lower-than-forecasted demand growth has also forced the sector to scale down on approval of new generation capacity.

The Embassy has a Strategic Energy Sector Cooperation programme with the Kenyan Government and this provides for exchange of technical expertise. The Trade Council also offers support to Danish IPPs operating in the Kenyan market and is ready to support new entrants into the sector.

Our local energy sector specialists can, for example, help Danish companies’ within wind energy to:

Access market opportunities.
Understand and comply to the local framework conditions, such as legislation and charging systems
Access the relevant authorities, utilities companies and other key actors are of crucial importance for export success on the specific market.

Through our Strategic Sector programme on Energy, and the Trade Council, the Embassy can open many doors for Danish companies and can brand Danish solutions within energy and energy technology in key fora on the market.