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Information about travel and residence

These pages contain information on application for visa and residence permits for Denmark, application for Danish passports, fees for consular services as well as relevant links for, among others,  the Danish Immigration Service and how to register yourself on the list of Danes abroad.  

Information from other authorities and advice and guidance is provided on the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs cannot be held responsible for possible problems regardless of the information on the websites.




Britt Balschmidt Tramm


Senior Consular Officer

Marianne K. Nørrelykke Kihara  



Consul, Head of Visa Hub

Anja Sloth Olsen


Senior Consular Officer (visa)

Anne Christina Östman


Consular Officer

Jane Thuo


Consular Officer

Ann Njeri Murage


Consular Officer

Eunice Odhialo


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