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Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in Sub-Saharan Africa, and it’s ICT and technology driving growth and innovation is increasingly showing it’s potential. Kenya is known as the Silicon Savannah and is home to a vibrant tech starts-up scene and innovation ecosystem. Being a regional leader in digital connectivity and boasting high ambitions for a digitally driven economy the potential to build solutions leveraging technology across health, agriculture, financial services and public digitalization makes Kenya a must on your scaling journey in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Opportunities for Danish companies

The Danish strongholds within technology within financial services, digital health and public digitalization are well suited to take advantage of the growth in Kenya. The country is the regional hub for financial services proving opportunities across i.e. alternative lending, wealth management and savings and investments, as well as insurance. A large health care sector with both public, faith-based and private sector providers enables application of digital solutions i.e. hospital management systems and digital health care insurance. With a government highly focused on leverage its leading position in digitalization small and larger scale public digitalization opportunities existing within public tenders for digital services, process automation for digital service delivery. 


Doing business in an emerging market context presents challenges that can seem insurmountable and far removed from a mature market context. Obstacles like general business conditions, enforcement of legislation and regulations, transparency and good governance, as well as identifying good local partners to partner with are all relevant considerations to take into account.

The Trade Council in Nairobi builds on Denmark’s strong bilateral relationship with Kenya to deliver advisory within public affairs and business development. Leveraging the network, market insight and vast experience of the team enables us to assist you by mitigating the risk and opening the right doors for dialogue and engagement.