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Sector Cooperation

Strategic Sector Cooperation

The Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) Initiative - launched in January 2015 - provides Danish development funding for partnerships between Danish Public Authorities and their counterparts in strategically important developing countries and growth economies to work together to improve the framework conditions for furthering sustainable development in various sectors. Denmark and Kenya have had Strategic Sector Cooperation within food/agriculture and environment/waste management respective, since 2015. Since 2020 a Strategic Sector Cooperation in the maritime field is being developed.

The Danish Authorities contribute with experts that share knowledge and lessons learned with the aim of developing local capacities and providing input to new regulation and policy reforms for sustainable development in partner countries

Through this cooperation, the Initiative also aims to strengthen bilateral relations, and to open doors for the Danish private sector by facilitating their positioning for delivering solutions to the SDG challenges in partner countries. As such, the SSC Initiative has three objectives:

  1. To contribute to inclusive, sustainable growth and development in partner countries by support-ing conducive framework conditions for the fulfilment of the SDGs;
  2. To strengthen and expand relations between Denmark and partner countries;
  3.  To facilitate the positioning of the Danish private sector in delivering solutions to the SDG challenges motivated through improved framework conditions, local network, knowledge and expo-sure of the partner country to resource efficient, high-quality solutions


In addition, Danida funds for scholarships and research cooperation are also available for countries with SSC projects as a supplement and opportunity for deepening the cooperation in relation to training and academic institutions. Both are managed by the Danida Fellowship Centre.

Since 2017 more than 600 Kenyan citizens – who are key partners to the SSC programmes – have participated in these courses – ranging from courses on “Green and Circular Economy” and “Water Sector Governance” to “Food safety in the Dairy Sector” and “Value Chains in Food Safety”.