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SSC Environment

SSC Environment seeks to assist Kenya in reaching its ambitious targets for a greener and more circular use of resources. In Phase I (2015-2020) this included assisting in the formulation of the Kenya Sustainable Waste Management Bill. In Phase II, focus is on implementation of the initiatives formulated – including an Extensive Producer Responsibility scheme in Kenya, requiring the manufacturer/importer of products to secure a sustainable disposal of its packaging and product. Likewise, in the water sector SSC works to further a better regulation of industrial effluent – so that industries have to pay based on the quality and volume of their discharges (applying the “polluter pays principle”.

The main partners of SSC Environment are the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (MoEF) and its affiliate National Environment Management Authority (NEMA). However, sustainable resource use can only be achieved by close involvement of private sector and civil society – so these are also key partners towards a more circular economy in Kenya.


The programme is anchored in the following overall activity areas:

  • Support to implementation of the Kenya Sustainable Waste Management Bill
  • Support to implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility regulation
  • Support to design of regulation on industrial waste water
  • Support to better enforcement and compliance within Kenyan authorities.