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SSC Maritime

Denmark is one of the largest shipping nations in the world and the Danish maritime industry delivers state-of-the-art technological solutions to the global shipping fleet in terms of i.e. engines, ship paint and propellers. The Danish maritime sector exports goods and services worth roughly USD 46.6 billion corresponding to 26.5 pct. of total Danish export.

Roughly, 90 per cent of the international trade to and from Kenya is carried by sea and handled in the port of Mombasa - the largest port in East Africa and gateway to the entire region. The Blue Economy and maritime sector holds huge potential to drive economic growth and job creation and therefore, the blue economy is one of the eight priority sectors identified in Kenya’s MTP III in line with Vision 2030. Kenya Maritime Authority’s (KMA) strategy 2018 – 2022 further elaborate on the ways in which the full potential of the blue economy and the Kenyan maritime sector can be exploited. The port expansion in Mombasa, the revival of KNSL and the upgrading of Bandari Maritime Academy to a centre of excellence for maritime studies are part of the plan to further develop Kenya as a shipping nation and Mombasa as a trans-shipment hub. Furthermore, initiatives have been taken to boost the fishing sector as well as the protection and use Kenya’s natural ocean resources.

Therefore, Denmark has made suggestions to collaborate, exchange knowhow and best practices with an aim to further improve maritime framework conditions through civilian maritime capacity development with a focus on maritime pollution, protection of the marine environment, maritime safety and maritime security.